Global Jewelry Claims Associates provides the insurer and insured with the confidence to know that world-class professionals with many years of experience are handling your claim, investigation or litigation. Having received our training from direct work experience inside one of the nation’s top insurance companies, and then expanded with over a decade of claims handling in the US and Europe, we are uniquely qualified to offer you the following services in addition to our world-class adjusting service. Fee schedule available on request.

Claims Adjusting

At the GJCA, we offer important advantages to your jewelry claims handling that can be found nowhere else in the insurance industry. With over 48 years in the jewelry business and 15 years in the insurance industry, we have a unique perspective in the understanding of jewelry related claims. We know the markets, we know the products and we understand the problems that insurers face when dealing with complicated jewelry insurance claims. This is what makes Jewelry Adjuster unique and why we are the best organization to handle your jewelry claims in order to maximize the quality of the claims handling and minimize the indemnity costs to the proper level required by your policy The GJCA provides you with high-quality jewelry claims handing services based on our many years working in the jewelry and insurance industry.

Global Jewelry Claims Associates insurance adjusting services are currently available in Texas and all States who offer reciprocity to the Texas Adjuster’s License. More US States are in the process of application and license. We have qualified associates in insurance appraisal, investigations and litigation around the world.

Here is an overview of our experience:

1. Five (5) years of experience working in the gemological lab of USAA doing damage evaluations, fraud investigations, and assisting the USAA SIU and Claims departments in high-value jewelry-related claims.

2. Over the past 10 years, we have worked high-value jewelry claims investigations in both the United States and Europe, including million-dollar damaged diamond claims in the UK at the request of Chubb Europe. No one else can offer this level of gemological expertise and experience to assist you with professional claims handling.

3. We hold the highest gemological credentials in the world including:

Registered Gemologist Appraiser, International School of Gemology

Graduate Gemologist, Gemological Institute of America

FGA, Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain

Certified Gemologist of the American Gem Society (inactive)

4. We have been certified insurance Continue Education providers for the Texas Department of Insurance and other states for 10 years.

When it comes to proper handling of your jewelry related claims, we provide you with the highest quality of service, experience, and skills to provide you and your clients with the fairest and reasonable claims handling.

You can assign your claim to us at the Assign Claim section at the bottom of this page. This is an SSL protected assignment form for your protection and security. Please read below for more of our world-class adjusting services available to you from Jewelry Adjuster.

Damage Evaluation

According to a 2005 study at USAA, performed by Robert James and other P&C staff members, 78% of all damaged diamond claims are due to either inherent vice (conditions inherent to the diamond crystal), pre-existing conditions (damage done during cutting) or jewelers error (jewelers reporting damage due to lack of knowledge of natural diamond formation.

At the GJCA, we have years of hands-on experience at USAA performing evaluations on damaged jewelry claims and know how to verify a claimed damage event from pre-existing conditions, inherent vice, or jewelry error. Our reports are based on the actual case history of insurance claims and that knowledge and experience is what we bring to you and your clients to ensure a fair and equitable evaluation of the claim for all parties concerned.

No other independent insurance adjusting firm can offer you this experience and expertise.

Manufacturing Defect Evaluation


In this day of low-cost production and price competition the problem with poor quality manufacturing is a major problem for insurers. All too often short-cuts taken by a jewelry manufacturer can cause the loss of a large major diamond or gemstone, resulting in an insurance claim regarding a peril not covered by the policy. The ability to establish prima facie evidence of manufacturing defect and link that defect to the cause of the loss is vital to protecting the interest of the insurer and insured. Inflated indemnity payouts due to manufacturing defects create higher costs for everyone and must be addressed as part of an insurance adjuster’s evaluation.

At GJCA we are uniquely qualified to inspect, identify, quantify, and document manufacturing defects that cause losses. We will work with the insurer to subrogate these losses if required, and ensure that the cost of manufacturing defects are made the responsibility of the manufacturer and not the insurer or insured.

SIU and Fraud Investigations

In the current economy, the guy at the left is not the only one you need to worry about when it comes to jewelry theft and insurance fraud relating to mysterious jewelry losses. All too often a cash strapped owner will turn to their personal article floater policy as a way to get quick cash, and we know how to investigate these cases.

We have actual insurance industry experience at the USAA Gem Lab investigating damaged jewelry that was the result of fraudulent intent, as well as working with the USAA SIU team to help investigate claims of mysterious losses of major jewelry collections. We have the experience and knowledge to help protect the insurer from fraudulent claims.

Subrogation and Salvage

This is not a total loss you are looking here at left. Yes, the building is a total loss, as well as most of the personal property inside, but at the GJCA, we understand that most gemstones do not incinerate at the temperatures reached by most building fires. As result, even when the building itself is a total loss, many times major salvage can be achieved by sifting the rubble and recovering the many gemstones and precious metals that are usually still in viable states of recovery. At the GJCA, we understand jewelry salvage issues from the very simple recutting of a chipped diamond to the recovery of major gemstone and jewelry collections from what others might consider a total loss and simply load up and haul away.

Continuing Education Courses

We are currently updating and expanding our list of certified Continuing Education courses designed specifically to meet the educational needs of agents, underwriters, and adjuster. 

If you have a claimed loss of jewelry due to dwelling or commercial fire, let the Jewelry Adjuster investigate the claims to maximize your salvage recovery.   

Please use the form below to submit any jewelry-related claim to the GJCA You can also request other assistance by contacting us through the Contact Us form   

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