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ISG 2021 Recertification Course and Exam

ISG Graduates: Please read this entire page before attempting to start. This is a NEW registration. None of your previous ISG emails or student numbers are in the Global Claims Associates system. You must create a new registration. Please make sure you have your complete mailing address in your Global Claims Associates Student Profile. We will use that to update your ISG Registry and to mail your certificate and book.

What is the recertification exam? This is a 6 lesson mini-course with final exam that will provide the 2021 recertification requirement for all ISG Registered Gemologist Appraiser and Registered Gemologists.

Who Should Take This Course? Anyone who completed your RGA or RG prior to March 1, 2019 is required to take the 2 year recertification course and exam to maintain their title. The RGA and RG titles require 2 year recertification as outlined in our Student Registration Contract since our founding.

What This Course Offers:  This course has 6 lessons that cover a variety of topics that are important to gemologist and appraisers, to keep you informed of the latest events in the industry. They also cover important business issues and ways to help maintain your growing business.

Certificate of Completion: Once you complete your course and exam, you can check your score by clicking on your Username at the top left of the page to go to your Student Profile. The ISG will send you the 2021 Recertification Certificate, along with Renee Newman’s book on Jewelry Metals.


FREE with your 2021 ISG Recertification: Gold, Platinum, Palladium, Silver and Other Jewelry Metals by Renee Newman. This book is being provided to our RGA and RG title holds to help you better understand the precious metals used in jewelry. The ISG is looking to expand our course list to precious metals but this important book will serve as a great reference now.

ISG Graduate Support Programs

Global Claims Associates Registry

All ISG Registered Gemologist Appraisers and Registered Gemologists are listed in the Global Claims Associates Registry that is provided to the insurance and legal industries.

Introduction to the Insurance Industry

The ISG offers a special program to help get our Graduates started in their professional careers. This starts with a formal letter of introduction from the Global Claims Associates office to insurance agents and adjusters in your area.

Introduction to Law Firms in your area

Our many years of working in jewelry related litigation with law firms in the US and Europe gives us the unique perspective of how to help you get going with your professional career working with law firms. Jewelry related litigation and legal assistance is an ongoing need for law firms.

Expert Witness Training and Support

Through our Global Claims Associates expertise, the ISG has many decades of experience working with major law firms to provide expert witness services. Being an expert witness entails far more than most gemologists realize. With our many years serving as an expert witness we can bring our knowledge and experience to our graduates.

Advanced Lab Support

At the ISG we realize that most gemologists and jewelry appraisers do not have the resources for the equipment and expertise to offer advanced gemological testing for your clients. Trying to pay the major labs for services is costly in both time and money. For this reason the ISG maintains a fully equipped advanced gemological laboratory that is at your service.

Continuing Education

We believe that jewelry appraisers and gemologists should follow the same professional guidelines for maintaining credentials as the licensed insurance agents, adjusters, and legal professionals with whom we work. As a result we provide our graduates with a 2 year recertification course that helps ensure you that you are keeping up with the latest developments in the industry.

How to Begin:

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    5. Your Recertification certificate will be mailed from the ISG office.

Course Syllabus Below

Section 1Introduction to 2021 Recertification
Section 2Introduction to Copyrights
Section 3Introduction to Trademarks
Section 4Introduction to Litigation Procedures
Section 5Introduction to Insurance Procedures
Section 6Industry Updates
Final Quiz