Associate Membership

Global Claims Associate Members

The Global Claims Associates is a professional group of highly trained experts from the insurance, gemology and jewelry appraisal fields. We offer specialized services to the legal, insurance, and international gemstone professions related to matters of insurance, appraisal and evaluation, litigation and investigation. 

The GCA will serve as a support base and referral source for insurance, litigation and appraisal to direct service requests to our Associates.

New Associate education programs will begin starting September 28, 2020.

Requirements to Become a Global Claims Associate

To be listed as a Global Claims Associate the professional must hold one or more of the following:

  1. Active Property and Casualty Insurance License in underwriting or adjusting from any of the United States,
  2. A comparable insurance license from any accepted International licensing agency,
  3. A gemology diploma from one of the organizations listed below:
    1. International School of Gemology
    2. Gemological Institute of America
    3. Gemmological Association of Great Britain
    4. Gemmological Association of Australia
    5. Canadian Gemmological Institute
    6. Montreal School of Gemology (École de gemmologie de Montréal)
    7. Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology
    8. George Brown College (Canada)
    9. Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences
    10. …and others considered.

Courses Required for Associate Status

To become a full Global Claims Associate the above must meet our advanced training requirements by completing the following courses, which will be available effective September 28:

Personal Property Appraisal

Litigation and Investigation Evidence and Procedures 

Insurance Industry Laws and Procedures

For more information on becoming a Global Claims Associate please contact the GCA office using the Contact Us form on this website’s menu.