Welcome to the Global Claims Associates. We are licensed, independent Property and Casualty Insurance Adjusters, Insurance Appraisers and SIU Investigators specializing in jewelry-related claims adjusting, damage evaluations, fraud investigations, expert witness for litigation, and salvage recovery. We have years of experience performing damage evaluations on jewelry and gemstones and have industry-proven experience working with Special Investigations Unit teams uncovering costly jewelry-related fraud cases. We are the experts in jewelry insurance claims of all types. This site is mobile friendly and your claim assignment can be made by clicking on the File a Claim link above.


We specialize in jewelry related insurance claims adjusting

World class credentials in both the insurance and gemology professions.



Damage Evaluations are our specialty

Send us your damaged diamond or jewelry claims and we will provide you with qualified results based on experience, knowledge, and solid investigative techniques.


Expert SIU and Fraud Investigations

When the liability is high, you need experience and knowledge to handle the claim. We are experienced in SIU and fraud investigations in the US and Europe.



Manufacturing Defect and Subrogation

We know how to identify losses due to manufacturing defect and will help you maximize your subrogation return.



Mysterious Disappearance is no mystery to us

With many years of experience in the USAA Gem Lab, we identify all issues surrounding a loss and document the facts.



Maximize Salvage Recovery

With our experience in the jewelry industry, we get maximum recovery for your salvage




Advanced Gemological Laboratory

We offer the most advanced in-house gemological lab staffed by world-class gemologists.